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Basic Manicure  - $20

Nails are trimmed, filed, buffed with a cuticle treatment, light massage and your choice of high quality nail polish from OPI. 

Spa Manicure  -  $30

The "Basic Manicure" with additional relaxing massage, applying spa cream to exfoliate dry skin, spa lotion & warm paraffin wax treatment.

Bella Basic Spa Pedicure  -  $28

Nails are trimmed, filed, buffed with heels scrubbed, a cuticle treatment, light massage and your choice of very high-quality nail polish O.P.I.

Bella European Spa Pedicure  -  $35

Pamper yourself with a special callous treatment, scrub ice exfoliation, and clay mask treatment that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated. 

Bella Special Spa Pedicure  -  $40

Indulge yourself at Bella Beauty with more than the basic pedicure. Included with the Bella Special is a sugar scrubbing, mint mask, extra callous removal, warm paraffin wax, and warm towels that will leave your skin silky smooth and soft.

Bella Deluxe Spa Pedicure  -  $50

Escape from your busy schedule and spoil yourself with Bella’s Deluxe Spa Pedicure. You can choose from a variety of organic flavors such as mint, tropical, orange, olive, milk, pearl, ginger, lavender, etc. After customizing your sea salt, sugar scrub, mask and massage cream, this pedicure is complemented with an additional paraffin wax, hot rock massage, and warm towels.

Additional $5 for French nail polish. 

Additional $10 for gel polish. 

Nail Extensions                      Full             Fill  

Acrylics or Fiberglass               $40 & Up        $30 & Up

Sculpture                                  $45 & Up         $30 & Up

Pink/White                                $50 & Up         $30

Dip Powder                               $40 & Up                 

Gel Manicure                            $30

Nail Repair                                $5 & Up

Nail Removal                             $15 & Up

Polish Change                           $10 & Up

America or French Polish          $5 Extra

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