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Facial Treatment

A revolutionary treatment that is customized by skin care therapist.  Base on the Face Mapping analysis each treatment is unique to each individual client by using Dermalogica products.  Your treatment could include steam cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, masque, massage, toning, booster treatments, moisturizing & treatment foundation and colour correctors.

Express Facial - 30 minutes  -  $60
If you are in a hurry but need to brighten up your complexion or want to know exactly how to use your Dermalogica products we will cleanse, exfoliate masque and moisture in 30 minutes.​

Skin Brightening  -  $75
Balance uneven pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance, UV exposure and pregnancy.  This treatment combines with proper home care actually regulates pigment production on a cellular level and helps balance the complexion.

Environmental Control  -  $75
This is an incredibly soothing skin-protecting treatment for you if your skin is looking red, inflamed or feeling itchy.  The super-soothing cleansing will remove impurities from your skin and the calming oatmeal masque will instantly calm redness and reduce inflammation.

Power Regeneration  -  $85
Ideal for prematurely-aging, dry or sun damaged skin.  Combine vitamin and hydroxyl acid exfoliation, energizing massage techniques that release tension in the facial muscles and Dermalogica specialized contour masque makes this the ultimate in skin therapy.  Your skin will be firmer, smoother & revised.

Four-Layer Facial  -  $100
This legendary facial is offered at the world’s finest spas, and touted "Best Facial of the Century" by Cosmopolitan.  This "ultimate facial" has layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed massaged into the skin.  Followed by a cool seaweed mask layered under a warm mineral mask to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin.  Great for all skin types. 

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